Public Safety

Another way I have supported economic development and job creation has been to sponsor several new laws to improve public safety in Virginia. When families are safe, kids can focus more on school, parents can focus more on work, and neighborhoods and communities can thrive. I have sponsored bills to fight gang violence, elder abuse, and ID theft, among others. As an assistant prosecutor, I see on a daily basis the impact that our police, sheriffs' deputies, and fire and rescue companies have on our economy and on the ability of our businesses and individuals to succeed. I support making sure our public safety professionals have the tools and training they need to protect effectively. Safe communities mean productive communities, and productive communities mean better jobs. Without safe neighborhoods, no efforts in education or job creation will be successful.

Key Accomplishments

  • Introduced a bill to strengthen our domestic violence laws has passed the General Assembly, which states that before a defendant can participate in the “First Offender” program, he or she must complete any education or treatment program that the court determines is best suited to the needs of the person.