Jobs and Economic Growth

By enacting pro-growth policies in Richmond, the Commonwealth of Virginia has been ranked by Forbes magazine and others in recent years as a top state in which to do business. These policies include maintaining low levels of taxation and regulation, protecting our "Right-to-Work" status that gives workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union, keeping the "Dillon Rule" that streamlines state policy and prevents a burdensome patchwork of tax and regulatory systems from spreading across the Commonwealth, and keeping spending low so future generations aren't left with our burdensome debt.

Business needs a stable regulatory environment that encourages investment and growth. Lower taxes means more money for Virginia families and fewer of our dollars going to Richmond. As your delegate, one of my primary goals has been to help working families in our part of Virginia by encouraging economic growth and job creation. I am constantly working with the private sector to keep our economy moving, maintaining tax rates at low levels, and opposing the big government spending proposals that are counterproductive to economic growth.

Key Accomplishments

  • Authored the 2007 law to reduce income taxes for the lowest income earners.
  • Co-authored the 2006 law to create the popular “back-to-school” sales tax holiday.
  • Sponsored several bills and budget amendments to cut spending and streamline the state bureaucracy, including his “Yellow Pages Test” to privatize non-professional government services and his “Google for Government” bill to enable taxpayers to search agency budgets online for wasteful government spending.