Government Reform and Transparency

As Virginians and tax-paying citizens, we want to ensure our government is working for us. In an effort to reform state government and encourage transparency and accountability, I have fought to shine a spotlight on wasteful spending and am always seeking ways to make government programs work more efficiently.

In 2009, I patroned legislation to increase budget transparency and find additional cost savings in government by expanding access for citizens to budget information through a user-friendly online database. In 2012, I patroned bi-partisan legislation that provides a 5-year sunset provision on state tax credits. This past General Assembly session, I sponsored tort reform legislation that codifies Virginia's current trespass liability case law. Measures like this will reduce costly and unnecessary lawsuits, streamline the litigation process, protect the integrity of the tort system, and reduce legal costs for Virginia businesses.

Key Accomplishments

  • Sponsored several bills and budget amendments to cut spending and streamline the state bureaucracy, including his “Yellow Pages Test” to privatize non-professional government services and his “Google for Government” bill to enable taxpayers to search agency budgets online for wasteful government spending.