Conservative Caucus Announces 2017 Agenda

RICHMOND, VA – The Virginia Conservative Caucus, a group comprised of conservative legislators from the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates, held a press conference on Thursday, January 19, 2017 in the House Briefing Room to announce their legislative agenda for the 2017 General Assembly session. The Conservative Caucus approved an agenda at their second meeting of the 2017 Session that outlines their positions on priority legislation. The agenda, which currently includes close to 70 pieces of legislation, focuses on three main goals: "Encouraging Job Creation, Progress & Opportunity," "Strengthening & Protecting Families," and "Limiting Government & Defending Freedom."

"Each year, the Virginia Conservative Caucus puts forth a positive agenda to address the many challenges facing families and working individuals across the Commonwealth," said Delegate Ben Cline, House Co-Chairman. "Virginians have long-stated that they want lower taxes, more jobs created by businesses, and a government that is efficient. Our agenda reflects a demand from Virginia families to find real solutions from their government."

"Conservatives in Virginia remain committed to advancing a positive agenda of economic growth, public safety, fiscal sensibility, and family values. Our agenda addresses the very real concerns we hear every day from folks across the Commonwealth. It is about prioritizing real solutions to real problems. It is about stimulating the economy, not overburdening it with excessive taxes and regulations, and exercising fiscal restraint. Our agenda is Virginia's agenda: economic opportunity, strong families, and safe communities," said Senator Mark Obenshain, Senate Co-Chairman.